Saturday, December 12, 2009

The exit is that way...... is that glowing green sign over there...... yeah over there.......

stop reading now.....I warned you :)

I gave up on the Halloween listservs about...... do I remember...yeah, it was ....July this year.....but for some reason tonight I thought I would check it out. It was clandestine!!!

I think the email was titled:

"I'm hoping this offends someone on the list"

Oh, goodyI must break my rule!!! I MUST read this one!!!

Seriously nothing will get the frog queen to read something like a title like that. :D

If I liked those people....even a little bit, wait.....what I meant to say if those people like ME a little tiny bit :D

LOL! Husband and I were just "talking" about my confrontational attitude, as a matter of fact! Yeah, I understand how I can be unpopular :D

Back on topic......I had several other funny witty, hysterical lines to open this post with....but I think I am just getting in the way of the genius of this picture.

Remember - frog queen is x-catholic school attendee.....I almost wet myself with glee on this one......sorry to anyone who is offended, but after years of bad blue plaid Catholic school uniforms and scary nuns......I am claiming the right to find this could I not post this......

BTW - Thanks Steve, you are my hero!!!


  1. GREAT pic! LOL '-)

    Have a great weekend!

    Chris (-:

  2. Clever! :D

    Hmmm . . . I just heard a news report that someone in Oregon was struck down by lightning. Are you okay?

  3. Missed it by....that much...there is a huge hole burned through the roof and into my office!!!

    Dorie and Mason are wondering WTF?!?!?

    Hal is sitting, full demon mode, on my lap saying....I knew I liked her :D

    But husband got up and just walked right by to get his breakfast.....after 26 years, it is hard phase him: D

  4. What's so offensive about that? Jesus is the most popular zombie in all of history and more well liked than Bub. Funny pic!!

  5. ROFL!!!!! I too am an ex-catholic school girl! and I appricate this....I remember Sister Roseta and her ruler from hell banging across my fingers because I couldn't make a cap. A!

  6. Sexiest zombie nun I've ever seen! (And believe you me, I've seen plenty.)

  7. This pic just gave me a great idea for a movie....


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