Thursday, December 17, 2009

Things that are not going

back out in the yard in 2010.

After sitting through hours of video footage....I am on a rant! So here goes...things NOT going back in the yard in 2010:

Those stupid white tapper type candles with the bulbs on top. Every time I see them in a photo I cringe :( One of the worst ideas I have ever had. I apologize to my friend Jason who, per my request, wired up about a dozen of then so they would run off a power supply instead of batteries....sorry man, thanks anyway.

Fake polyester spider webs...the ones I purchased this year were terrible quality and did not stretch worth crap. Now that the new webber gun is more polyester webs for the graveyard. Note to self to buy glue sticks in bulk :)

Will B. Back tombstone - I am not a fan of the reversed out tombstone for the display. It is a modern design and not the type of grave stone from a UK cemetery. This is one of those times where I forced an idea on the graveyard without being mindful of how it would look in the yard.

Likely the same with the Goodbye tombstone and a handful of others I am just not happy with.

....the fate of the Mourner is still undecided :D


  1. Meh, ain't no thang. We do something, it doesn't work out and then we do something else. It's our shtick.

  2. As the official "Best Assistant" (aka: organizer, cleaner & all around minion) I will right over to rid the storage of all those things! :)

  3. PLEASE... don't kill the mourner!!!! sob


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