Tuesday, June 21, 2011

At least he left a note

he is a thoughtful that way :D

My skellingos have been kidnapped!!!

I am curious and a little worried......I know who kidnapped them.   I am sure when they come back there will be magnets involved :D


  1. He is a sneaky one...might want to watch out, one of the cats might be next! :D

  2. LOL! After I posted this I laughed to think that only a haunter would write a note on a piece of white foam! :D


  3. If they come back with magnets, fine. If they come back with spiders, RUN!

  4. Mwhaaa hhaaa haaa-ack...ackk cough cough! ...Hrrrm gotta practice my evil genius laugh...

    Anyways I think kidnapped might have been a strong word... let's think of it more as an involuntary rejuvenation spa visit. They are doing juuuuuuuust fine. They are getting 3 square meals a day... bonemeals that is..... Mwhaaa ha ha ha haaaaaaaa....

    Well then, they are nearly ready for their return one last item to complete and they will be return on bony wing.

    -the skelingo napper.


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