Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today he is my favorite minion

(don't tell all the other minions I said that :D)

Our good friend who is much more clever than us has been helping us with the plans for the abbey (which is fitting since the abbey is named after him.)   He created these renderings for us based on our last crew/minon meeting.

Much thank to Elyssa (and Toph) for drawing out the front of the abbey.

These are not the final plans, but this will give you a better idea of where we are going with this project.

Thanks to all the minions, this could not happen without you....really, you are all my favorites! :D


  1. You and your minions are really amazing. I wish I had half the creativity and skill as one of your minions.

  2. I hope that my own creations aren't awful and scare you from entering my giveaway! C'mon, Froggy Maiden, and drop your hat in the drawing under the post marked "My Solstice Giveaway."

  3. This ghoul is beginning to think you just need to rebuild the entire house into a real abbey. There is just too much talent at work here to limit the show to October.

    Yes - this you must do! I have spoken! ;)

  4. Wow, I simply cannot wait... that is going to be extraordinary.

  5. Yes, yes! I'm in agreement that you should just scrap the house and go full abbey - all day, every day!

    These plans are impressive and fingers are crossed for an effortless build!

  6. Guys, don't give her any ideas. I have enough trouble keeping or house looking semi normal as it is!

  7. This project will be awesome! Good thing you have such faithful and creative minions.

  8. *updates to-do list* "Really, really, REALLY need team of life-size minions"


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