Monday, June 20, 2011

Today is toy shopping day

because my inner child threw a temper tantrum this morning and I had to do something to distract her so I could get some work done.

I have to say - I really need to do this more often, I found the coolest stuff out there that I totally missed.  That is good and bad....some are no longer avalialbe :(  and some are out of season so they are on sale! :)

If it has been a while since your 12 year old self has been shopping....I suggest you lock up your credit card.

The first thing in my cart is......

Zombie Shooting Gallery - Death to the Dead
Take aim with the included laser assault rifle and blast the zombies as they pop up from the windows of the dark mansion. Too slow and they dine on the human hostages inside. Remember, practice hard... not much time before the real hell spawn arrive to feast on flesh of the living.

Then we add this......

Skullhub USB
The top has been hacked open and the brains scooped out, but at the jawline are 4 USB 2.0 ports just waiting to be connected to your keyboard, mouse, thumb drive, or USB powered corpse-reanimation device. In the hollow of the brainpan, keep your keys, paper clips, or rusty scalpels.

And then we download this.....

Angry Birds Halloween Edition
Angry Birds, the best dang game there is, has come out with a Halloween version with 45 special levels. Launch some birds at the pigs who stole your eggs and struggle to victory in the new spooky world. Each level offers a completely original challenge set to a dark and pumpkin-laden Halloween theme.

Must add two of these to the cart .....

Vampire Speakers
These cute little vamps are actually highly-portable 2-watt speakers known as Fangs and Howl – and they’re here just in time for Halloween. You can plant them like sentries outside your house to pipe spooky sounds at approaching tykes – or dangle them on your keychain and freak out passers-by as a scream comes from seemingly nowhere.

and I am adding one these to the cart for the office.....

Zombie Bowling (now that is what I am talking about!)
Here's an opportunity for human time that's fun for the whole family - ZOMBIE BOWLING! It sets up on a table or your hardwood floor in seconds. Handcrafted wooden pins are painted to look like zombies. Roll the miniature bowling balls to knock them down. It's just like a video game, except it's real, man. It's real.

And then we grab one of these .......and start screaming.......

Anti-Gravity Spider

WTF?!?!?   All I can say is I am glad I missed this one.....seriously, what sick mind came up with one of these?!?  Crawls on the walls and ceiling?!?!   Ceiling....really?!? Is that really necessary?

Man, remote control toys have definitely improved since I was little. This anti-gravity runner uses air suction to run on the walls, floor and even the ceiling. Ithas fully functioning articulated legs, glowing red eyes and can move over smooth surfaces in any direction. This toy would definitely freak out any arachnophobe guest – or puppy – wandering around your house.

Knowing this is in existence has changed my life. I will never sleep again I tell you....never.


  1. Holy cow! What awesome finds!!!! I LOVE that 1st one! So putting that zombie shooting gallery on my Christmas list. TOO cool! Glad you indulged your inner child today. I did that Friday. (Monster High dolls.) You rock! Have a great day, Frog Queen!

  2. You just had to show this didn't you? I'm having enough trouble staying in work mode today and now this!

    Now, where did I put my credit card....

  3. Wow, you're just finding all kinds of cool things! I love those adorable little speakers...

  4. Nice finds! That Skullhub is calling to me. :)

  5. Thanks to everyone that came on my little shopping trip!!


  6. I just ordered a The Zombie house for my husbands desk!!!! Thanks for showing us! I always forget to check out TG.

  7. I MUST order that remote control, anti-gravity spider!!!!!! The possibilities for scaring the crap out of folks are near-endless


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