Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This is just a snack

Since I cannot eat a whole wedding cake by myself (well, I probably could.....depending on the day.)  I thought I would see if I could find a smaller creepy single serving cake to have for lunch...since it seems I have suddenly fell into the cake vortex!

I think this would be perfect - and I love the thought of me eating a cake shaped like a bird and I am vegetarian.....okay, maybe that only amuses me.

Since we have a Halloweenish themed blog here, I would probably use this champange glass, just to keep the mood....
But really, I have been wanting a set of these glasses for a if no one was looking....I would actually use these.  Are those not deeevine!  Maybe I could epoxy a skull on the side.....yeah, I could do that!

Since I cannot find a "red" champange or a chamapange maker that has a cool name I would make a drink I read about ages ago that mixes good champange and port.  Two things I love.....I imgine it will be heaven.

So, who wants to join me?


  1. You kill me! :D

    I love port and champagne so do tell - do you just mix the two together??? Inquiring minds want to know...

  2. That bird cake makes me think of the old Monty Python skit about the jugged hare -- "Is it dead?" "Well, no, but it was coughin' up blood last night!"

  3. That cake is hilarious! And those glasses are devine. Maybe you could tie red and black ribbon around them with skull beads on their ends. that way you could change them out periodically and mix it up =).

  4. I couldnt eat the bird, cake or no cake, LOL... but the champagne and port? I'm SOOOO there!

  5. Hello Hello to you lovely Frog Queen, Head Mistress of the Dark! I am finally back here in Halloween Town after a much disliked hiatus that I had no control over...blech! And I am trying to slowly make my rounds and check in on all my spooky friends. And wouldn't you know I'd find a great post over here with the most wickedly clever cake. Oh how I'd love to serve that one up at a party...ha! So happy to see you are still haunting the hallows, I've missed everyone greatly! And I bet you all are already feverishly at work on this year's haunt. Looking forward to following along! :o)
    Cheers to you,

  6. Wendy is back!!! Now all is right in the world!


  7. *raises hand and jumps up and down* Me! Me! Me! Wine AND champagne!?!?! I'll be right over!


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