Wednesday, June 8, 2011

To make it easier for everyone

I am just going to say this once.  As not to bore you to death.....actually, that might be.....

If you follow this blog I have prattled on endlessly about how busy I have been.  This is the last post on this I promise.....we are going to get this all out of the way right now.

  • I just got busy and I probably owe you something, for that I am sorry.  
  • You probably sent me something and I have not posted it, for that I am also sorry.  
And to top it off, we will just go with what I say at work all the time:  "I am sorry for whatever it is that I did nor did not do."

That said.....a bunch of very belated blog posts are going to come flying fast and furious on the blog in the next week or so....they are all really late.

How about if we go with "better late than never" - yeah - that is going to work.

So look what the fantastic, amazing and really handsome Bloodshed Brother sent to me ages ago!

How could they know I like wine?!  :D

Thanks guys, that is going to go in the shop!


  1. Can I borrow your explanation, and your apology? I need some, and you said it so much better than I ever could. . Oh yeah. .and the sign! I LOVE it!

  2. That should be your business card. Yes, it should.


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