Thursday, June 23, 2011

I am just going to quit

claiming that I have found the best wedding cake ever.  Cause every time I say that....I get another link sent to me with an even more spectacular cake.

A Cthulhu cake - I am in love - pass me the champagne!

Can you have more than one cake at your wedding....cause if it was me there was no way I could choose!


  1. The bride and groom would have to serve kalamari too.

  2. Could be time to renew your vows, my dear! ;o)

  3. LOL I can just picture someone having this at on the stuffy weddings that I get invites to. .no sense of humor (but I would love everyone's reaction! lol)

  4. Debra - I miss kalamari....and sushi and lobster....

    Shell - I am not sure I want ask husband again...not sure I would like the answer :D

  5. Hey, thanks for now following my blog! I blogged about Cthulhu recently too. A few minutes ago, in fact.

  6. Now that IS an awesome cake! Great for a 20,000 leagues under the sea themed party too! Thanks for stopping by with your sweet comment! Look forward to more of your favorite cakes!
    ~ Iva


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