Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Did anyone get a cat

with their award?

Last time I saw her she was in one of the boxes* :D

If you find her she like seafood flavored cat food (Tuna for cats from Trader Joes) She likes to drink out of the sink....and, as you can tell from those eyes...she is crazy and likely pure evil, pick her up with caution.)

The Home Haunter DVD Collection awards are out and several people have even emailed me that they received them!  We had one casualty in the delivery process.  Although the box was okay - contents....not so much :(

I think it was Gremlins......or that was the box the Dorie was in.

(Sorry about the damage, we have Mike at Ghost Ride making you another one!)

Hope everyone loves their awards....remember to film or take pictures of your haunt for this year.  I promise to revamp the site and provide more information later this summer so this years set will be the best ever!

* Just in case you are new to this blog and you do not know already that the FQ is a big kidder.....I am joking Dor is at home right now...plotting how to kill me in my sleep.


  1. The cat named Garfield might have something to do with this. Look for a package addressed to Abu Dhabi! :)

  2. OMG! How cute! She's a mailing helper.

  3. Precious! I could use an evil kitty around here to offset the two hellish hounds.

  4. Haha! I know you're kidding, but I actually heard recently about a woman who tried to mail a puppy, and told the postal worker that she was mailing a toy robot! If you'd like to read about this insanity, here's a link to the story:
    Mailing a Puppy


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