Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Who you gonna call?

I am a little slow to the party sometimes....so I am sure that one of you other fantastically aware bloggers already posted this.  But I just found it today and it cracked me up!!

It is from a group called "Improv Everywhere"

The staged an improv Ghostbuster scene in the NY library where the opening scences of the film took place.  It is hysterical!!  Makes you want to go the library doesn't it? :D

Be sure to check out the page for this event to see the stills that were taken.  Just made my day!

I originally found it from their latest link about a horse race on a carousel....which is fantastic also.

I love this stuff...I could spend all day on that site!


  1. Awesome!
    Now, if someone could just stage an impromptu Dana Barrett scene in my bedroom...

  2. That was awesome! They are the same group that did the Star Wars scene on the NY subway.

  3. Very cool! But I was waiting for someone to get slimed, LOL!

  4. I have seen this! These guys are great. I'll be sure to tweet a link to this blog entry, because this is such a funny video!

  5. Excellent! Thanks for twigging me onto this group.

  6. Is that your particle accelerator, or are you just happy to see me?



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