Wednesday, June 8, 2011

There were many reasons

I was excited to get Lesley's new book and even more excited to meet her again....we met at Hauntcon a few years back - she is friends with some of my favorite Halloween people so we spent some time chatting about Halloween.... imagine that.

Got to meet her again this last HAuNTcon and got to buy a book from her to sign.

That made for a very happy FQ indeed!

She is a very delightful lady and if you get the chance to meet her - do, you could try to ask her questions, but she has this evil/delightful way of turning the conversation back to you :D  I just adore that - I am usually two sentences into talking when I realize what she just did :D  It is a trick I try to pull on I have to say I am always surprised to find it works on me as well.

So I had to read the book....instead of sleeping - and was really delighted to run across the fantastically talented William Bezek's name in the book! - page 133 where she talks about Halloween art shows/bazzars!  And on 135 there is a lovely picture of one of his pieces.  I just love seeing people I love/kinda know all up in print!!! Makes me soooo happy.

She also mentions the man who has the honor of having an award named after him - Paul "Propmaster" Venturella - talking about the Rocky Mountain Haunter Group.  One of my favorite people in the haunt world.

She talked about HAuNTcon 2009 - I was there!  She mentions Mike from Ghost Ride - we like him, he does the Home Haunter Video Awards :)  At the close of that chapter she said described HAuNTcon best "This convention is like a trip to another planet - a plant where everyone truly and deeply understands you." Could not have said it better myself!

Then there is all the lists and forum mentions!! So nice to see them mentioned outside of my monitor :)

So much information about the way people celebrate Halloween in America - real people, specific people.

How they/we celebrate, be it ghost hunting to crafting art to haunting....or in just a display.  Felt very personal.

When I finished reading this book, I found myself smiling......suddenly my little Halloween world did not seem so small and isolated.  Felt part of a crowd and connected.  I know that my people are out there, I just have to keep getting out and finding them....that made my little pumpkin-shaped heart smile.

I think that that reason alone, is the best reason to own the book.  


  1. completely agree and how cool that you personally know so many of these wonderful Halloween people!

  2. Pam - LOL! Met her a few times....not sure she would remember me! But she is a great person to meet - I feel honored :)


  3. She is truly a delightful soul. We have corresponded over the years but have never met in person. Looking forward to reading the new book.


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