Thursday, June 2, 2011

We build a model for a reason

because the first picture I showed you showed us a lot.

We had our suspicions that we might need to make some adjustments, but to be sure husband went ahead and built a model the shop, fence and driveway to scale.

From here we could see that the proposed structure had a few large holes where it is really easy to see the shop - mainly down the right hand side.

Someone had joked with us about adding a buttress...well, that joke has turned out to be a needed reality.

Since the abbey at Hollyrood did not have a buttress, we did some research on abbey architecture.  We found a couple examples that would work and added one to the far right corner by the shop.

Maybe in a later version we will add another one farther down the abbey closer to the street, where the curve of the driveway starts.

In this model you can see how much further the new prop comes out into the driveway, hopefully distracting everyone from the big shop building in the background.

The new challenge with this prop is that with all the ruined walls we are going to have to do a lot of texturing both outside and inside the structure.  We have a meeting this weekend to see how much of it we can actually get done this year.

Oh,.....and I really need to do something to hide the fence.  I have had lots of ideas over the years, but I think I might just go with black fabric as that it cheap and does not take much room to store....cause as you can see with this new prop.....I am going to need a lot of room to store over 40 panels!!

Better get building!


  1. oh my, i so wish i lived near by, i would just about donate a major limb to work on this with you and your crew

  2. I know it would be unreasonable to suggest you build a huge monster stepping over the'd like to request that once you're finished with the model, someone rents a Godzilla suit.

    And pictures are taken.

    I will also accept another monster suit other than Godzilla.

    And no, the cats don't count as monsters.

  3. That project will be a big challenge no doubt. Too bad I'm living so far away from your house. i would have loved helping you and your crew on this monster.


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