Monday, June 20, 2011

I am not really sure where I am headed

with this post.  Trying to validate another LOLcat post.....this could be rubbish.....we will have to see, bare with me while I tell you a story.

When I was a teenager growing up in the desert of southern California (litterally in the middle of nowhere) in a small town called Idyllwild on small mountian between Hemet (aka: Hell on Earth) and Palm Springs I spent a lot of time with my Grandmother who, being a very independent lady - taught me (or let me) to be equally independent.

So spending time with her, which I did often, gave me a lot of flexibility to do things I could not do at home.  Having a small house and two brothers and a sister did not give a girl much time to herself.

Looking back now I would have to say I was always a little "different" - the nuns called it "difficult" :)

That said, I did not do a lot of things my siblings did....I have hated television as far back as I can remember.  The only show I can remember ever wanting to watch was Outer Limits and the Twilight Zone - which at the time were "not appropriate" for my younger I was rarely allowed to watch.  I was more likely to sit in my room and listen to music.

Except when I went to grandma's.

She loved the the same shows I did (and she introduced me to the old musicals.)  Music and TV - I was in love.  Shortly after that I found out that if I stayed up late there were TV shows that had bands and psedo-music videos (we are talking pre MTV) - I got to learn about all kinds of music I had never heard before, it was like opening a door into another world.

I knew for sure I was in another world because I went from walking into the little stereo/record store in that little town and picking up the latest thing I heard on the radio to having to have stuff ordered.  I went from going home and listening to my latest purchase to having to wait a week for my "special order"

....I was learning to be patient and I thought it was going to kill me.  And it was going to get worse.

One night I saw something completely different and absolutely amazing.  There was this lady in a white dress singing like no one I had ever heard before waving around and dancing...I don't remember this actually happening, but I am sure I had my jaw on the floor.

What the....

.....that is amazing!  Did she just reference "Heathcliff?"  Could this really be a song about "Wuethering Heights?!?!"  For some reason I did not get the name of the singer, and was not completely sure I had the title correct.  But I knew I had to find this song!!

When I went back to the store to ask about the song, the guy had no idea what I was talking about.

I listed to the radio hoping to hear the song.....never happened.

What am I going to do?  I asked every department store (there were no record stores in our area) record section person about the song....nothing.  No idea who I was talking about.

I would say it was at least three or four years later that there was finally a proper record store in Riverside (might have even been Tower - not sure) and one of the guys knew exactly who I was talking about!! Great news! was an old LP and out of stock in the US pressing....I was going to have to order an "import".  A what?

I find that meant that I was going to have to wait weeks, if not months for "The Kick Inside by Kate Bush"  But on the plus side they did have hear latest work in stock "The Dreaming" AND there were two other LPs (before CDs...just barely) that I could order "Lionheart" and "Never for Ever"!!!!

It was kinda like Christmas....but better.

I loved her immediately - I still can remember the first time I played "The Dreaming" and the last song "Get Out of my House" came actually creeped me out.  It was like the house was possesed. It was brilliant!!! I believe I played that song over 20 times in a row that day.

When I heard "Hammer Horror" - I also stood in shock....could this be a girl singing about he Hammer films.  I, being a girl, was told by my family that "those movies have too much blood, those are boys movies....why would you want to watch them?"

"Cause they are cool" what I wanted to say, but as an insecure 13 year old....I just pretended not to like them.

That was not the first or the last first time no one understood me :D

But with her singing that song, I knew she did :)

Then there is a song about poisoning your neighbors and a murder at wedding and Houdini and even though I was not sure what "Leave it Open" was had a cool scary vibe.....I knew I had found the my favorite artist - played her stuff endlessly.

That might be why husband is not so fond of her.

I would have to say the first few years of our marriage were dominated by Kate Bush.  Because her first album starts with whale songs....he has since called her "the whale lady". :D

And the new round of cats, like the first round of cats - agree with him.  Maybe not the description....but when she sings something that goes up and down her vocal range, like let's say "Wow" - the cats head to the basement.  Suit yourself guys.....I needed to wash your blankets anyway :)

That was a really long and completely pointless story to just explain what I absolutely LOVED this LOLcat

.....and as you can imagine....husbands response to this when I posted it on FB was "I don't get it."

Me? I think he is just trying to forget :)


  1. This is what I love about blogging - learn something new every day. My favorite thing is getting clued in to new musical artists. Yes, that means Kate Bush was unfamiliar to me (and I'm a music junkie).

    With the first note of Wuthering Heights I cringed a bit but I think she might grow on me. Something ghostly psychedelic in her voice.

    Thanks for the introduction!

  2. I have never heard of her but I'm entering her into google as we speak, lol. I think I'm going to love this. Oh btw, I've lived my whole life in the IE, lol. Nice to see sometimes people get out!

  3. Great story although LOLcats need NO justification.

  4. I think the first time I heard Kate Bush was in Georgia late 1980s.

  5. I blew my one chance of seeing her in concert -- by getting sick a day or so prior to the concert.

  6. Every time I see something about Wuthering Heights, I think of that song. We moved to England the summer after that album was released, and my dad loved her, so I guess I got it from him. And that LOLCat is THE BEST! :)

  7. Oh, yeah, and EVERY TIME I hear "This Woman's Work" I just start bawling, and I don't even have kids!

  8. For those of you who have never heard her....her original stuff is from the late 70's so - be warned, it is a little dated....but her more current stuff is brilliant. Hounds of Love is one of the best albums, ever.

    I agree with Cranky Amy - This Woman's Work is a brilliant song, first time I heard it (was a bside, remember those?) I cried to....and I am also kidless :)

    Thanks everyone for stopping by!



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