Monday, June 6, 2011

The general concensis is "yes"

We can build the new ruined abbey.

We have a little more planning to do, but we are getting ready to start the build.  It is going to take us all summer to build. That being the case, it will likely stay in the driveway until after Halloween.  Huge project both on scale and amount of work....and cost.

Got me thinking about our process.  Take last year for example, not a lot of big projects that you would notice from the yard, but there was a LOT of behind the scenes work done.  Just setting up the wiring system for the various lighting features took a good part of the summer.

That said, I am curious what your focus this year is?

Long list of little projects?

One big project?

Is this a repair year?

And how to do you prioritize, organize and budget your projects?

And last but not least.....who wants to buy the old abbey facade? :)


  1. I'm happy to know that the new abbey facade project will start taking shape soon. One focus of my haunts this year was to fix the lack of ligthing. Now that my new LED spotlights are done, I'm questinning myself on what will done next. I have many projects on mind but the budget is already running low so I will probably go with some paper mache projects: maybe new pumpkins, a new pumpkin scarecrow, a new zombie or maybe a female vampire... or maybe I could redo the face of that stirring witch I don't like anymore. Next year, i am planning to add a fence and a gate to the cemetery.

  2. My focus is to watch you work on your project(s) via your blog. Just think of me as a ghoulish voyeur.

  3. My focus this year is to expand my skill set. It's likely to be a mild year for me, as I have a LOT going on. So I'll be doing a lot of experimentation this year, and working on details. Things like making the Tarot Cards, playing with paper mache, and making a small fog chiller, possibly fixing my soul cage.

  4. Planted 9 varieties of pumpkins to try and take over some of the side lot. Naturally will need to use up the clearance Funkins to make the scarecrows for the field.

  5. My focus changes with the wind. Last year's plan for "a project a month" was a dismal failure. So this year, my word is "simplification". Improve/expand on some current props and add maybe one or two new ones.

    I have a new job which is seriously cutting into my prop-building time. :/

  6. PumpkinBrain - the pictures on your blog show that you lights are coming along nicely. Sounds like a lot of other projects in the works. Look forward to seeing your paper mache progress.

    Debra - you are always welcome.

    Stublay - I hear you on expanding your skill set. Experimenting is of these days I am going to try paper mache! Look forward to seeing your Tarot cards!

    OFH - Love scarecrows!! Good luck with the pumpkins, it has been so wet and rainy! We need sun!

    Orange and Black - I hear ya on the day job thing! Hopefully you are enjoying your new job. A project a month is quite a way I could have done it :D Looking forward to seeing your experiments.

    I appreciate getting this sneak preview into everyones haunts! Thanks for sharing.


  7. This year I am jumping into DMX lighting, adding more scares, and repairing props from last year.

    Then when I finish those task, I will try to build 4 new props.

  8. Devil's Chariot - we have been looking at DMX lighting for the past couple of years - really looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Good luck with the other props!


  9. Looking forward to giving my front entrance pillers a creepier feel with new pumpkin filled urns. Additional LED lighting throughout the cemetery.
    A new front entrance Mausoleum facade 24' x 8'
    And on the "Wish List" a Creepy Ticket Booth to collect donations for those brave enough to walk through the MAUSOLEUM!!!

  10. Wow! I can't wait to see how it turns out! It's sure to be incredible.


    There is a certain video on Grimlock Manor that you may not want to watch, knowing you.

    Guess what japanese film an innocent 13 year old boy is about to watch. I know you've heard of it.

  11. Be sure to keep us up to date with regular photos of the work in progress.


  12. Thornhill - wow, looks like quit a project ahead. Looking forward to following your progress.

    Marrow - thanks for the heads up about the spider...I think that is thanks I am feeling :D

    And enjoy Ju-on or Ringu - I am guessing that is what you are watching...hope you like it!

    Ali - photos for sure....and all our vlog friends are making think we should start filming....we will see.


  13. You are a crazy ghoul and that is a wicked undertaking. I bow to you!

    The focus here this year is to scrap it and begin again. Due to lack of time this is not a one year fix but a plan is brewing and a backstory (my first) is in the works. This is a huge help in and of itself especially when one has to decide which projects are worth taking on.

    Great post!


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