Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Need a suggestion

and this is totally not Halloween related, but I am going to ask you all anyway - if you are going to have friends, might as well use them.....that is my saying for today.

Okay - I have some friends getting married, at our house in July - they do not want wedding gifts, but that has never stopped me.

Since their wedding is exactly a year and a day from their hand fasting ceremony (which was lovely)....what would be something special I could make them?  Sorta of earthy and happy.....suggestions?

Thanks in advance everyone. 


  1. Hard to say without knowing them. You could incorporate the handfasting theme into the gift...use ribbons with the same colours/similar colours they used and make something simple and decorative. Something to hang in the window (not a dream catcher, but you get the idea). Made with vines and ribbon and polished stones.

    Do you have pictures of them? You could do something with that. A book of their pictures decorated perhaps with your intentions/wishes for them as a couple (in words or images). Or poetry.

    Depending how earthy they are, you could put together a basket of items to reflect blessings on their life together and label each one. For example, when I moved into a new home my friend gave me salt to ward off any negative feelings from entering the home, bread to symbolize her wish for us never to know hunger, that kinda thing.

    Trying to keep the ideas simple since they don't want presents exactly.

    Sorry I couldn't offer more ideas. Maybe if we knew more about them?

  2. Whenever I think of handfasting, I think of the ancient Picts. And when I think of the ancient Picts, I think of standing stones. Frankly, a standing stone might look nice in their garden if they have one. Not a life size one of course, maybe one scaled down. Given your creativity you could either make one or perhaps you have a real rock that would look nice. Maybe carve some Ogham "letters" meaningful to them - their names or a place name special to them? You could even make a little "standing stone" like this for their mantel if that fits their lifestyle better.

  3. You could trick out the nuptial bed with a blanket, quilt, or such that you'd decorated in symbols for wedded bliss or sweet dreaming.

  4. Took me a minute too find it but this basket gift is a good one:

    A loaf of bread ....... so they will never go hungry
    A pound of sugar ........ for sweetness and love
    A container of salt ....... for protection
    And last but not least a silver coin..... so they will never go penniless.

    If you took photos at the hand fasting you could create items using the images too. The photo plate kits are always a sweet idea. Giving a donation to charity they support is another favorite of mine.

  5. Thanks everyone....good suggestions. Got me thinking. Really appreciate all you blog buddies!



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