Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not even this

can make me excited to see the new Fright Night movie.

I love David Tennant.....really I do, but.....yeah, I really hope this does not suck!

Man, frog queen has got to work on her attitude....sorry everyone! :D


  1. Remakes and re-imaging's used to bug me...a lot. But over time I realized as long as the first version I like is not burned or destroyed never to be seen again, I have a choice.

    Heck, don't forget several beloved horror "classics" were remakes like The Thing.

    So who knows? Fright Night could be a fun surprise, probably not, but maybe.

  2. Hmmm... I think I'll stick with
    Dr. Who.
    I really love the original Fright Night, and frankly, it just won't be the same with Roddy.
    I like Dave Lowe's take on "having a choice". I wouldn't sit the through the original "The Thing" as a teen, but LOVED the one with sexy Mr. Pliskin and the exploding Shepard! Whatever it takes to keep perpetuating the genre.
    New blood is always necessary.

  3. i think not... watch the trailer it's the whole movie done again... just modernized.... fail!

  4. He is everywhere here. Oh how I long for a week without David Tennant! There is just too much of him.

    And yes, that looks like a bad movie.

  5. brace will suck.
    as bloggers of the horror community we should take it upon ourselves to write and film our own original horror movie. i bet it would kick ass! robert rodriguez did it...

  6. The sound of the suckage may be great. Kind of like 1000 Dysons all hooked together and running at top speed...

  7. Y'know, I'm not oppossed to the concept of remakes. They can (rarely) be good! The Thing and Cape Fear are both remakes that are, at the very least, as good as the originals. Unfortunately, THIS remake does not seem like it will be even remotely decent. I love the original, but I was willing to give the remake a chance. The trailers, so far, don't bode well. It seems more like a cheap knock-off, that is utterly missing all of the elements that made the original such a fun flick.

    On the plus side, this will probably get the studio to release the first film on Blu Ray as a way of making a quick buck. If I get the HD treatment of the classic film, I'll be happy.


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