Monday, June 27, 2011

For those of you that didn't

make it to HAuNTcon - and I think I only met one of this will be helpful for the rest of you :)

Just are all saving up to attend next year right?

If you want to get a taste of the HAuNTcon experience we keep talking about you have to check out the HAuNTcon YouTube channel - the fantastic Jason & Melissa McKnight from Haunt it Yourself Productions - did an amazing job filming, likely the hardest working group at the event.

There are over 80 short videos to check out.

Here is a video of the man himself...the infamous Leonard Pickel - talking about a new twist on a scare at the Necroplis Haunt on the PreShow tour

Here is a bit of the Dent School House tour.  I really love seeing this, well sort of.....I do like seeing because we did not go to the preshow tour (we were shopping for the take n makes and our class) and I do not like seeing because I now see what I missed :(

Sometimes there is no making the Frog Queen happy :)

And of course here is a sample of what the seminars are like with a bit of footage from my friend, who is famous for a lot of haunted house voice work....but you might know him as the voice of the Davis Graveyard coachman :)  Our friend Dick Trehune -

Be sure to subscribe to the HAuNTcon YouTube channel!


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