Thursday, June 30, 2011

Guess what?

I know something you don't know


This is what I am talking about

This is my kind of My Pretty Little is a good thing these are all sold.....otherwise I would have to posses one!!

Edward Scissorhands
These lovelies are courtesy of Mari Kasurinen - check out the rest of her My Pretty Little Pony work!

Becasue I think it is scary

that is my excuse for posting this.

I am also posting my usual disclaimer.  What is seen cannot be unseen.

I remember the blissful days when I did not associate Firefly with pink and yellow and rainbows.....ooooooh the horror!!! :D

How I found David

Most people know David Tennant from Doctor Who or Harry Potter.  But before all that he stared as a really creepy character in a movie called Secret Smile.

Not a particuarlly great movie...I thought the ending was too fluffy.

But it got one thing very right - the movie is about a sociopath name Brendan - played by David, and he does a great job. You really think he is pure evil, this is the kind of person you hope you never meet in your entire life.

In fact it took a few Doctor Who episodes from me to shake that "creepy dude" feeling.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not even this

can make me excited to see the new Fright Night movie.

I love David Tennant.....really I do, but.....yeah, I really hope this does not suck!

Man, frog queen has got to work on her attitude....sorry everyone! :D

About time to reopen the Etsy shop

We got some Foam-it 10 from Smooth On the other day - we were trying to use Foam-it 5 - but it is too soft on the small pieces and they were breaking during the demolding and/or sanding process.

This means that we will be opening the Etsy shop with foam tombstone accents again sometime next week.

This is good....but (there is always one of those is there not!) the cost of foam went up about 15% so we are going to have to raise the rates a bit.....sorry in advance everyone.

Nice pics FQ, but when you gonna start building?

Here are a few more pictures of the panel design for the abbey ruins.   This shows you how we are going to construct the walls out of framed 4x8 foot pieces of foam.

We plan on starting this weekend!  Pictures of the process to follow.....we are even thinking we might video blog some of it also....we will see.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Who you gonna call?

I am a little slow to the party I am sure that one of you other fantastically aware bloggers already posted this.  But I just found it today and it cracked me up!!

It is from a group called "Improv Everywhere"

The staged an improv Ghostbuster scene in the NY library where the opening scences of the film took place.  It is hysterical!!  Makes you want to go the library doesn't it? :D

Be sure to check out the page for this event to see the stills that were taken.  Just made my day!

I originally found it from their latest link about a horse race on a carousel....which is fantastic also.

I love this stuff...I could spend all day on that site!

My to do list today

Ruin abbey
edit spider pictures
interview a skull
put bones in box
hold seance to see who/what is possessing my phone
photo shoot for Mr. Pumpkinhead
find the small skeletons
and....finish laundry

going to be a busy day at the graveyard!

This is why I don't have

a dog.

Cause I am pretty sure my cats read my spell books when I am not home.  If I did not feed them, I am sure I would be frog myself right now. :D

I need a new phone

Cause this will not play on my phone.

My phone to pout in the corner.

Monday, June 27, 2011

I am definitely part of the 10%

Ouch, I think I need some ice for my hand.

For those of you that didn't

make it to HAuNTcon - and I think I only met one of this will be helpful for the rest of you :)

Just are all saving up to attend next year right?

If you want to get a taste of the HAuNTcon experience we keep talking about you have to check out the HAuNTcon YouTube channel - the fantastic Jason & Melissa McKnight from Haunt it Yourself Productions - did an amazing job filming, likely the hardest working group at the event.

There are over 80 short videos to check out.

Here is a video of the man himself...the infamous Leonard Pickel - talking about a new twist on a scare at the Necroplis Haunt on the PreShow tour

Here is a bit of the Dent School House tour.  I really love seeing this, well sort of.....I do like seeing because we did not go to the preshow tour (we were shopping for the take n makes and our class) and I do not like seeing because I now see what I missed :(

Sometimes there is no making the Frog Queen happy :)

And of course here is a sample of what the seminars are like with a bit of footage from my friend, who is famous for a lot of haunted house voice work....but you might know him as the voice of the Davis Graveyard coachman :)  Our friend Dick Trehune -

Be sure to subscribe to the HAuNTcon YouTube channel!

It is not a wedding cake

but it is pretty cool.
The nurse from Silent cake form!  Awesome.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I love Chad

you cannot say anything bad about him.....I will not hear it.  He is one of my favorite people in the haunt community!!!  If you have not been to the Chateau Grrr website....go now.  That is not a suggestion...that is an order from the Frog Queen. :D

He made a video of me at WCHC talking at my usual 100 miles an hour.  Yeah, I have 5,000 thing to do right now....keep up if you can.

LOL!  All kidding aside.  Love Chad....and thanks for the mention....see you soon!  

Friday, June 24, 2011

The coolest part about HAuNTcon

was the fantastic team from Haunt it Yourself.

Super generous group - every time you turned around they were there filming.  The documented the whole convention....and here is there video of our Monday class.  Trust me it was as crazy as it looked!!

Of course we picked an Irish drinking song as the sound track....Leonard didn't care much for it.  But if you know our crew - that fits just perfectly!

I find it hard to sleep without my dolly

The Dismember-Me Zombie Plush is a fun little plush that offers you a chance to take some daily frustrations out on a zombie.  Pull him apart and put him back to together in any order.  It’s all up to you and how you feel that day.  Take advantage of this opportunity and remember, Zombies are usually dismembering you!

Get yours over at

I promise this is the last of them

Thanks to Midnight in the Garden of Evil
the image above from her site kinda started this whole thing.

I have managed to climb out of the wedding cake vortex.  Wonder what will happen when I google "evil twinkies!" :D

There will be blood

and lots of it I hear.  Yes, the Frog Queen will be seeing "Evil Dead" the musical on July 23rd!


As much as I think it would be fun....I did buy tickets in the "splatter free" zone.   Driving home covered in blood just sounds......actually, it sounds kinda awesome. What was I thinking!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I am just going to quit

claiming that I have found the best wedding cake ever.  Cause every time I say that....I get another link sent to me with an even more spectacular cake.

A Cthulhu cake - I am in love - pass me the champagne!

Can you have more than one cake at your wedding....cause if it was me there was no way I could choose!

Nelson's Blood or Lady Macbeth

I have heard it called both, depending on the restaurant.  Here is a great recipe - if you love champagne and port separately, you are going to love this drink.  I have heard that it makes a good pallet cleanser between dinner and desert.  Then you just serve the port (sans champagne) with desert.

You need:
  • 5oz Dry Champagne or Sparkling Wine
  • 1oz Tawny Port
  • Mint Leaves (optional)
  • Sugar
  • Frost the rim of a champagne flute, if desired.
  • Pour champagne or sparkling wine into champagne flute
  • Add tawny port
  • Gently stir mixture to preserve carbonation.
  • Garnish with mint leaves, if desired.
I imagine it would taste fantastic this wedding cake


I am going to get these

and run around the house and terrorize the cats!

Cthulhu slippers!! I might have to trade in my Kermit slippers for these :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This is just a snack

Since I cannot eat a whole wedding cake by myself (well, I probably could.....depending on the day.)  I thought I would see if I could find a smaller creepy single serving cake to have for lunch...since it seems I have suddenly fell into the cake vortex!

I think this would be perfect - and I love the thought of me eating a cake shaped like a bird and I am vegetarian.....okay, maybe that only amuses me.

Since we have a Halloweenish themed blog here, I would probably use this champange glass, just to keep the mood....
But really, I have been wanting a set of these glasses for a if no one was looking....I would actually use these.  Are those not deeevine!  Maybe I could epoxy a skull on the side.....yeah, I could do that!

Since I cannot find a "red" champange or a chamapange maker that has a cool name I would make a drink I read about ages ago that mixes good champange and port.  Two things I love.....I imgine it will be heaven.

So, who wants to join me?

Some I know needs to have a wedding

cause this is the second awesome wedding cake idea in two days.  I do believe this i my new favorite....that is until someone makes a zombie frog wedding cake....then THAT will be the best wedding cake ever. :)

A glass of champagne and some wedding cake sounds good about now!

Now I gotta ruin it

Here are the latest renderings of the abbey design from my still favorite minion Andy :D

I have a set of printed out plans that I am going to "ruin" - draw on the abbey where I want bits to have fallen away (or if this was reality - taken away to build another building in the area - usually a manor house) so that we can design the panels.  Since our existing church is all flat panels, the sheets were easy to frame.

Panels that look like ruins are going to require us to make some very interesting frames for the foam.  This is going to slow the process down - so we better get started!!

I don't play

Facebook games.....and I really want to keep it that don't send me anymore links like this!! :D

Damn.....that is really the "got to app" button.....must resist!!!

Need a suggestion

and this is totally not Halloween related, but I am going to ask you all anyway - if you are going to have friends, might as well use them.....that is my saying for today.

Okay - I have some friends getting married, at our house in July - they do not want wedding gifts, but that has never stopped me.

Since their wedding is exactly a year and a day from their hand fasting ceremony (which was lovely)....what would be something special I could make them?  Sorta of earthy and happy.....suggestions?

Thanks in advance everyone. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

They are either crazy

or psychic or just realistic about the odds- either way, I want to go to the wedding that has this cake!  I think the blood is just perfect, some people just get carried away with the gore.....this is a masterpiece.

I bet there was a prenup! :D  

Or this is the best divorce party cake ever!

At least he left a note

he is a thoughtful that way :D

My skellingos have been kidnapped!!!

I am curious and a little worried......I know who kidnapped them.   I am sure when they come back there will be magnets involved :D

Did anyone get a cat

with their award?

Last time I saw her she was in one of the boxes* :D

If you find her she like seafood flavored cat food (Tuna for cats from Trader Joes) She likes to drink out of the sink....and, as you can tell from those eyes...she is crazy and likely pure evil, pick her up with caution.)

The Home Haunter DVD Collection awards are out and several people have even emailed me that they received them!  We had one casualty in the delivery process.  Although the box was okay - contents....not so much :(

I think it was Gremlins......or that was the box the Dorie was in.

(Sorry about the damage, we have Mike at Ghost Ride making you another one!)

Hope everyone loves their awards....remember to film or take pictures of your haunt for this year.  I promise to revamp the site and provide more information later this summer so this years set will be the best ever!

* Just in case you are new to this blog and you do not know already that the FQ is a big kidder.....I am joking Dor is at home right now...plotting how to kill me in my sleep.

Monday, June 20, 2011

I am not really sure where I am headed

with this post.  Trying to validate another LOLcat post.....this could be rubbish.....we will have to see, bare with me while I tell you a story.

When I was a teenager growing up in the desert of southern California (litterally in the middle of nowhere) in a small town called Idyllwild on small mountian between Hemet (aka: Hell on Earth) and Palm Springs I spent a lot of time with my Grandmother who, being a very independent lady - taught me (or let me) to be equally independent.

So spending time with her, which I did often, gave me a lot of flexibility to do things I could not do at home.  Having a small house and two brothers and a sister did not give a girl much time to herself.

Looking back now I would have to say I was always a little "different" - the nuns called it "difficult" :)

That said, I did not do a lot of things my siblings did....I have hated television as far back as I can remember.  The only show I can remember ever wanting to watch was Outer Limits and the Twilight Zone - which at the time were "not appropriate" for my younger I was rarely allowed to watch.  I was more likely to sit in my room and listen to music.

Except when I went to grandma's.

She loved the the same shows I did (and she introduced me to the old musicals.)  Music and TV - I was in love.  Shortly after that I found out that if I stayed up late there were TV shows that had bands and psedo-music videos (we are talking pre MTV) - I got to learn about all kinds of music I had never heard before, it was like opening a door into another world.

I knew for sure I was in another world because I went from walking into the little stereo/record store in that little town and picking up the latest thing I heard on the radio to having to have stuff ordered.  I went from going home and listening to my latest purchase to having to wait a week for my "special order"

....I was learning to be patient and I thought it was going to kill me.  And it was going to get worse.

One night I saw something completely different and absolutely amazing.  There was this lady in a white dress singing like no one I had ever heard before waving around and dancing...I don't remember this actually happening, but I am sure I had my jaw on the floor.

What the....

.....that is amazing!  Did she just reference "Heathcliff?"  Could this really be a song about "Wuethering Heights?!?!"  For some reason I did not get the name of the singer, and was not completely sure I had the title correct.  But I knew I had to find this song!!

When I went back to the store to ask about the song, the guy had no idea what I was talking about.

I listed to the radio hoping to hear the song.....never happened.

What am I going to do?  I asked every department store (there were no record stores in our area) record section person about the song....nothing.  No idea who I was talking about.

I would say it was at least three or four years later that there was finally a proper record store in Riverside (might have even been Tower - not sure) and one of the guys knew exactly who I was talking about!! Great news! was an old LP and out of stock in the US pressing....I was going to have to order an "import".  A what?

I find that meant that I was going to have to wait weeks, if not months for "The Kick Inside by Kate Bush"  But on the plus side they did have hear latest work in stock "The Dreaming" AND there were two other LPs (before CDs...just barely) that I could order "Lionheart" and "Never for Ever"!!!!

It was kinda like Christmas....but better.

I loved her immediately - I still can remember the first time I played "The Dreaming" and the last song "Get Out of my House" came actually creeped me out.  It was like the house was possesed. It was brilliant!!! I believe I played that song over 20 times in a row that day.

When I heard "Hammer Horror" - I also stood in shock....could this be a girl singing about he Hammer films.  I, being a girl, was told by my family that "those movies have too much blood, those are boys movies....why would you want to watch them?"

"Cause they are cool" what I wanted to say, but as an insecure 13 year old....I just pretended not to like them.

That was not the first or the last first time no one understood me :D

But with her singing that song, I knew she did :)

Then there is a song about poisoning your neighbors and a murder at wedding and Houdini and even though I was not sure what "Leave it Open" was had a cool scary vibe.....I knew I had found the my favorite artist - played her stuff endlessly.

That might be why husband is not so fond of her.

I would have to say the first few years of our marriage were dominated by Kate Bush.  Because her first album starts with whale songs....he has since called her "the whale lady". :D

And the new round of cats, like the first round of cats - agree with him.  Maybe not the description....but when she sings something that goes up and down her vocal range, like let's say "Wow" - the cats head to the basement.  Suit yourself guys.....I needed to wash your blankets anyway :)

That was a really long and completely pointless story to just explain what I absolutely LOVED this LOLcat

.....and as you can imagine....husbands response to this when I posted it on FB was "I don't get it."

Me? I think he is just trying to forget :)

Today is toy shopping day

because my inner child threw a temper tantrum this morning and I had to do something to distract her so I could get some work done.

I have to say - I really need to do this more often, I found the coolest stuff out there that I totally missed.  That is good and bad....some are no longer avalialbe :(  and some are out of season so they are on sale! :)

If it has been a while since your 12 year old self has been shopping....I suggest you lock up your credit card.

The first thing in my cart is......

Zombie Shooting Gallery - Death to the Dead
Take aim with the included laser assault rifle and blast the zombies as they pop up from the windows of the dark mansion. Too slow and they dine on the human hostages inside. Remember, practice hard... not much time before the real hell spawn arrive to feast on flesh of the living.

Then we add this......

Skullhub USB
The top has been hacked open and the brains scooped out, but at the jawline are 4 USB 2.0 ports just waiting to be connected to your keyboard, mouse, thumb drive, or USB powered corpse-reanimation device. In the hollow of the brainpan, keep your keys, paper clips, or rusty scalpels.

And then we download this.....

Angry Birds Halloween Edition
Angry Birds, the best dang game there is, has come out with a Halloween version with 45 special levels. Launch some birds at the pigs who stole your eggs and struggle to victory in the new spooky world. Each level offers a completely original challenge set to a dark and pumpkin-laden Halloween theme.

Must add two of these to the cart .....

Vampire Speakers
These cute little vamps are actually highly-portable 2-watt speakers known as Fangs and Howl – and they’re here just in time for Halloween. You can plant them like sentries outside your house to pipe spooky sounds at approaching tykes – or dangle them on your keychain and freak out passers-by as a scream comes from seemingly nowhere.

and I am adding one these to the cart for the office.....

Zombie Bowling (now that is what I am talking about!)
Here's an opportunity for human time that's fun for the whole family - ZOMBIE BOWLING! It sets up on a table or your hardwood floor in seconds. Handcrafted wooden pins are painted to look like zombies. Roll the miniature bowling balls to knock them down. It's just like a video game, except it's real, man. It's real.

And then we grab one of these .......and start screaming.......

Anti-Gravity Spider

WTF?!?!?   All I can say is I am glad I missed this one.....seriously, what sick mind came up with one of these?!?  Crawls on the walls and ceiling?!?!   Ceiling....really?!? Is that really necessary?

Man, remote control toys have definitely improved since I was little. This anti-gravity runner uses air suction to run on the walls, floor and even the ceiling. Ithas fully functioning articulated legs, glowing red eyes and can move over smooth surfaces in any direction. This toy would definitely freak out any arachnophobe guest – or puppy – wandering around your house.

Knowing this is in existence has changed my life. I will never sleep again I tell you....never.

How did I ever get along without this

This is probably one of the coolest things in the whole world....well at least today.  This is version 2 - how did I miss version 1 !?!?!

This my friends is New Ghost Detector! Baketan Ver.2 Cell Phone Strap!!!  
(be sure the click that link....great full description)

The new Baketan Ver.2 is equipped with "KOTODAMA" tuner. Have you ever heard any "KOTODAMA"?
What's a "KOTODAMA"? It's uncertain, might be voice of OBAKE (Gohst). Can you hear that? Maybe not, but you are able to listen wierd sounds from the other side, with Baketan KOTODAMA Radar. Spiritual Message will be given. Good Luck.....

A ghost detector/protector/decoder (something like the Rosetta stone for ghosts!) on my cell phone strap!  This is all kinds of fun!!  They make the coolest toys in Japan....I gotta move, or find a store in the US that sells these!!

FQ wants!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Hello Kitty fans can be ready

Here I was wishfully thinking that the zombie apocalypse would wipe out the Hello Kitty fans.....but I was wrong, so very, very wrong.

Nothing is scared my is a sad world. :D

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