Friday, July 30, 2010

And what a "Guy" he is

Look at the top of the page and see what Guy over at House Bloodthorn made for me.  I am feeling lots of love lately, thanks everyone.

Apparently he didn't like my banner too much! :D  It was a bit on the boring side....not really my personality...I guess he knows me pretty well....cause this is just awesome.

How fun is that new header?  Bright and shiny.....and hey, there is a huge spider on it, no wonder the frog let out a little pee! I really do think he is trying to kill me! :D

He has a normal version know, when I snap out of spider mode :)

Anyway, that Guy for the new header and all the cool stuff you do for us. 

Now, we really need to finish the HVA website so husband quits asking me about it. :D


  1. LOL... It's awesome! Love the pee scared Frog.

  2. I thought the frog was peeing from incontinence, so I'm glad you explained that it was related to fear of spiders. That makes sense now.

  3. Oh my gawsh, we're looking so professional here, nice!

  4. LOL. I never said I didn't like the old one. Glad you like this one though. It was fun to make and you're very welcome. Enjoy!

  5. Very nice! Although that poor terrified frog might not agree ;)

  6. Great job! Does you justice.

  7. Giggle - I wasn't sure if that was pee or froggy slime. Too funny! How nice of him to design a header (or two) for you!


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