Friday, July 9, 2010

I thought that I might

have gone to the limits of my insanity with that spider, I really need to stay away from the computer at night....I do stupid things like post that I want bloggers to send me spiders....and I wasn't even drinking!!!

So, that cray nonsense I will do....

.....but this....

I will never wear these. No moment in my life will these ever grace my tootsies!

And for those of you that think, well "what if you are dead?" If anyone puts them on my dead feet I PROMISE to haunt you and your children and your children's children (and all your pets).

BTW - thanks to Rot for supporting my insanity and for providing the title to this madness "Spiderfest 2010"

Reading that on his blog was creepy, but I find actually typing the word "spiderfest" just causes massive screaming inside my head.....


  1. But what if one of us WANTS you to haunt us when your gone? ::: evil giggle :::

  2. 1) Not only should they never grace your royal feet, but your legs MUST be shaven better than the model's.

    2) I would love for you to haunt me, particularly since I wouldn't have to convince my husband I need another storage shed to put you in during the off season.

    Yes, I love you that much!

  3. Crap...I forgot this crew would "like" haunting....damn....I should have thought that last post through better :D

  4. I would absolutely, totally wear those. Yup, I would. CUTE!

  5. 2 PFUN!!! LOL '-)

    Hope this note find you well!

    SpOOky CK (-:


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