Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two words that should never

be used in the same sentence at anytime in this universe.

"Spiders" and "thousands"

I knew you all knew that, just a little reminder.

Thanks to me a my big mouth about my group prop idea I have been getting a great amount of spider emails.

Thank you all......I will remember your "kindness".

Yes I will.

You can be certain of that.

Yesterday when I got home I had at least 5 emails about the literally "boat load of spiders" that tried to dock in Guam.

From the sounds of it, I think they might have been driving.

Somewhere in the article I read "thousands of spiders swarmed the dock..."

it probably continued to read "and ate every ones brains..."

But I had to quit reading . . . . self preservation kicked in.

I now know this for certian.

I do believe the world is for your lives!!! :D


  1. What did I tell you about these spider posts? I don't even want to begin to imagine a boat load of spiders in Guam or anywhere else for that matter! Horrors! :o(

  2. Y'know I've been keeping quiet, figured I'd done enough damage to your psyche by contributing to the spider mayhem with videos and pics...but I see that you are in fact a know you actually enjoy the pain that the existance of spiders causes you. So because I enjoy your blog and have neglected my own....I will endeavor to spend the afternoon coming up with something ebil...errr evil....But first I must investigate this boat load of spiders....hmmmm that gives me an idea......bwaha ha ha hah ahahhaha

  3. I'm not even afraid of spiders and that story made me go "eeeek!"
    Sorry I was one of the ones to torture you with this
    Somehow, why do I have a feeling that Spider Ship will show up as a made for SyFy movie in a few months?

  4. Spiders are pretty bad, but they're no match for the dreaded BEDBUG!
    Seriously -- look them up. Compared to some insects, spiders are our white knights!

  5. That would be one wacky boat ride! I'm sure you have plenty of webs in your arsenal, but here's a link to make your own.

  6. You know, they say that no matter where you are in the world, you are never more the six feet away from a spider!!

  7. Okay...the replies to this post are possibly even more disturbing than the post itself...eeegads! Bedbugs are another thing that freaks me out totally and not I have to be left alone to contemplate the 'better left UNKNOWN' fact that no matter where I am, there is a damn spider within 6 feet. I SO did not want to know that!

    On another note...where do you think that spider infested ship went to once it was turned away? I sure as heck hope it wasn't head to the U.S. :o(


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