Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It was a bit

of a whirlwind of corpsing on Saturday for me to actually verify that we actually had fun.....good thing that Marci and Dawn too pictures to prove it :D
Thanks guys! And thanks to husband for posting the pictures on our site. Check out this new link to our picture gallery for more pictures.


  1. Hi!!! WOW!!! Youall did great!!! Looks creepy enough for my kids to love it!!! Hee hee Now don't be insulted I am in envy!!! This would have been totally fun for me!!! I have never seen or heard of this before but I can only imagine the fun had with this!!!! Thanks so much for sharing...maybe it will catch on someplace close I can go to easily!!! hugs

  2. Uh oh...drive-by corpsing, I want mine, where do I sign up?

  3. DOESN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS!!!!!!!!GIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU!!!!!!!!!!A!!!!!!!!!!!HEADACHE!!!!!!!!!!...?

  4. William - ROFL!

    That kills me. Thanks I needed that today.


  5. "a whirlwind of corpsing". Honestly, no one has a the turn of phrase quite like you do.


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