Thursday, July 15, 2010

They only look sharp

With a display this scale not only does building props take a while....but about now about 1/4 of the time we spend on the yard is on maintenance.

This is an example of a "repair" project. Both the blade for the reapers scythe and the sword for the demon angel were damaged this year.

Here they are in the prop hospital getting a bit of TLC (paint after they were glued back together) so they are ready for the display this year.

Now, off to tear the bases off of a few monuments and rebuild them.

Now, where did we put the Sawzall?

Ssssshhhhh...don't tell the "Joan" prop, she is scheduled for a base rebuild. I am a bit worried, after several years of wing replacement and the major revamp last year, I told her she would have a year off.

I lied. She is going to be mad. You think I would be more careful with a prop sporting a sword :) Let's hope I survive the weekend!

Happy prop making everyone!!


  1. Graveyard maintenance, even in your own yard is always a chore. You'd think the residents could pick up a rake once in a while at least. But, I guess the "RIP" isn't there for nothing. Don't work yourself into permanent residency and remind the props to be "OSHA" safe.

  2. It is a testiment to your celebrity that anyone notices the little details!


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