Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I have said it before

...this "Graveyard" thing has a life of it's own sometimes. It has gotten so much bigger than a display on Halloween night.....

Right before the local high school got out they called us and wanted to rent our reaper costume for a school event where a "reaper" randomly takes a student our class ever 15 minutes to show the dangers of drunk driving in teens.


But rent? No way!

Seriously, you can borrow the thing, no charge....we just need it back before October.

They sent us this cool thank you card and picture.

Just goes to show you just never know where your path will take you :)


  1. That sounds like an awesome promotion....
    When I was in school, they just made us watch a 40 year-old film strip.

  2. I've heard of this teaching method before and the teen that told the story to me said they were all laughing about it until one of their friends got pulled out. When that happened the giggling turned quickly to tears for some and the lesson had a real impact. Great work, the Angels are running out of room on your list of good deeds.

  3. Wow! You even do good work with your graveyard. That's a great costume. I wish I went to that school.

  4. Great idea for a lesson. Nice that you had a part in it :)

  5. Very cool of you to do. Awesome awesome costume! I'm sure that was entertaining for the students and hopefully a good learning experience as well.

  6. No charge is a good idea. But you should have asked the kids for some booze. They can always get their hands on the good stuff.


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