Saturday, July 10, 2010

Are we all

ready for the two corpsing classes tomorrow?

You should be? Cause after years of experience I can tell you is it much easier to make a corpse than dig up a body for the display....Let the frog queen tell you, after years and years of experience.

Fake corpses are:

Easy to carry
smell better
last longer (I mean a real corpse has about 4 year shelf life above I am told :)

and you avoid those awkward conversions with the police...on where "exactly" did you get that body :D

and eventually we all run out of family members and disappointing neighbors....okay...maybe just me :D

Welcome the first group of students to the Davis Graveyard University 2010!

It is going to be a long fun Saturday!! Thanks in advance to the crew!!!

Happy Halloween!!

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  1. I dunno if I've told you this before, but corpsing has a theatrical meaning as well. When you have a dead body on stage, mean-spirited actors do their damnedest to make the corpse giggle. If they succeed, that's called corpsing!
    Alas I'm unable to attend your little soiree, so I'll just have to settle for my body snatching hobby.


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