Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Unlike spiders

you can never have too many pumpkins. No, don't think it is possible.

I think you can trust me on this one. I am almost certain it is true.

That being the case you need (really you do!) to check out some of my good friends and haunters ShellHawk and Ghoul Friday's new stores.

ShellHawk's Creations

Ghoulish Goodies Shop

Both are rockin' some serious pumpkins at the moment. They are both different styles and since it is going to be impossible to choose, you are going to need to get yourself one of each. :)

At least one, two would probably be better......I tend to buy in I said, you can never have too many pumpkins and if you don't want that many (you are crazy) you can give them away as friends and crew love them.

Now, stop reading this blog and go get yourself some pumpkins!

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