Friday, July 2, 2010

I prefer my frogs

on the pumpkin rather than "being a pumpkin" - this thing overloaded my cute/silly meter. I think it is actually creeping me out. If there was a spider on it. I would probably explode :D


  1. You know, frogs are what they term an "indicator species." (Think canary in a coal mine.)It's mutations like this that make me preach about the benefits of organic gardening!
    Seriously, people. Step away from the DDT!
    And think what the spider must look like...

  2. Love that thing....
    Is it yours, or did you just find that picture online somewhere?

  3. If it was mine....I could not sleep in the same house with it unless it was in trunk, locked, chained and locked again and then locked in a closet.....

    Not very nice blogger person that says they are my friend sent me the picture. :D

    At least it was not a spider!


  4. be so funny! Hope you had a great July 4th holiday! :o)


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