Monday, July 5, 2010

Silly things I know

how to do. Like laying out copy for voice work....stuff I do for my day job. :D

Even if you are not working with an experienced voice talent. It is a good idea to type out the story for your actor to read. Even if they have it memorized, it is help to keep them on track.

If you have done that before, skip this...if not here is a quick lesson. Of course this is more important if you are using an actor and you are paying for the time and each take.

What you are going to do here is writing for the ear and not the eye.

Type your story into and then double space the document (verbal white space) make the font so that there is no more than 10-12 words per line across the page.

Right hand justify the is not just a good idea, it is the law :D You try reading fully justified text* sometime.

Don't break the page in the middle of a sentence. Break before. If you don't the person reading will stumble....not physically...but you know what I mean.

Number your pages, dropping the script and putting back in order sucks :D

Remember - numbers are words 8703 is written out as = eight-seven-zero-three. The 1900s is written = nineteen hundreds. Remember zeros are not "o"s - 0 (zero)is a number not a letter, this is another important reason to write the numbers out.

If it is a name or a title that is not spelled like it sounds write it phonetically - Milwaukie is Mil-walk-ee - Lets say you have this cool way of typing "Mydnight" in your haunt name on the voice over sheet type it as Mid-nite

See, now you know some of the worthless information floating around in my head. See you never know when a unusual skill will come in handy!

Now, have another shot and get ready for video editing!

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