Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Okay so you are right

they are not technically be spiders.......but they look like them, my phobia is not nearly that discerning.

You know that part of the top of a tomato? Or a small piece of stray thread from a loose hem? Yeah, in the right light that can make me scream like a little girl.....close works for me.

......and though I am intrigued. Do I really want to know why they are called "Harvestmen"?

What could they possibly be "harvesting" . . . . I mean besides my sanity and what little sleep I was going to get tonight! :D


  1. Here is the reason they are called Harvestmen:

    The name harvestmen probably derives from the fact that these arachnids are most often seen in late summer and fall at harvest time. The French name, faucheux for reapers, is probably similarly derived.

  2. I have never heard them called Harvestmen before. The term we have always used is "Daddy Long-Legs". I have heard (but have never tried) that they are edible and have a taste similar to peppermint.

  3. I'm not the least bit arachnophobic. I think spy-durs are neat. Houseflies now or those million legged creepy crawly things like millipedes....ewwwww!

  4. WOW, I am astonished! I agree with the person who said they call them daddy long legs. I was looking at that picture and thinking "What is this that looks exactly like a Grandaddy Longlegs? I love spiders, not crazy about these but they don't bother me. They look way creepy on the bright white clinical background! They look different in flower beds and on logs. I am so excited to know they are also called "Harvestmen", although I agree; kinda grody to think of what they are harvesting...?

  5. P.S.!!! I just looked up faucheux and WOW, I had no idea they could be little French reapers too! Thanks for that.


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