Monday, July 19, 2010

Things I know for sure, part 2

I can pretty safely say that I will never (and I do mean never) own a spider as a pet....I would never sleep again. Ever. cats would just think it was a toy and spend all day trying to get it - and when they finally did, and they would trust me, they can get into anything.....anything (little furry demons that they are)....anyway, then they would "play with it" (torture it) and even though I don't like spiders....that would just be mean.

I bought a fish once.....I found it dead on the floor when I got home. I felt terrible. I learned my lesson.

The other reason I would not own a spider is that I am not crazy. (Nothing wrong with crazy, I like crazy.) Like my friend here who owns two - not one, but two - tarantulas! Excuse me, while I breath into this paper bag........

....much better now.

He was kind enough to send me pictures.....he was nice about it, he asked first. I was crazy enough to say "sure". What harm can a picture do? Let's take a look.

(silent screaming in my head)

Where is my paper bag?

The first pic is Hairy and the second is Rosie (I believe I have that right...they all look the same to me...scary!)

Actually these are great pictures, I like that they are taken with a tombstone and skull for the background. I actually kinda like that.....maybe this spider thing is not so bad.....

...I crack myself up sometimes.

Anyway - thanks to Munblyjoe at for the pictures!


  1. "I bought a fish once.....I found it dead on the floor when I got home. I felt terrible. I learned my lesson."

    I don't know why, but this made me laugh real hard. My mind has a way of creating it's own sarcastic commentary and filling in the blanks. When I read your statement, my mind added the line "Fish need to be in a tank of water"... Like you had bought the fish but not the tank.

    I could just see someone buying a fish at the petstore, bringing it home and turning it loose on the living room carpet..."here flipper...catch little buddy!" as you throw him a morsel of dehydrated shrimp. "Good boy"
    I scare myself sometimes.

  2. I don't mind the pictures but I wouldn't want to meet those spiders in person!

  3. Dave - you crack me up. You are my kind of "scary".


  4. Now now, they're cute cuddly little guys! When I first borrowed Hairy (he was a loaner) he had to live in the garage. That all changed after my GF got used to them. When we go to do a shoot, she often lets Rosy ride in her hands. She's freaked out a couple gas station attendants by playing with the spider while they're washing the car window. :D

    The scorpion, Spike, is a different matter. Even I don't hold him. If you're really nice to me, I'll send you some photos of him too.

  5. I live in TX. We have tarantulas in our YARDS, here. Not docile ones like those two, but nasty mean little farts that raise their two front legs and chase you in your OWN YARD. Reason I mention that is because in August they migrate South farther for the winter. Like birds. And they do this en masse. Across our highways. You can actually hear them crunch under the wheels.

    Now that I think about it, that's a rather disturbing story......

  6. Mumblyjoe - I will buy the cute part...but cuddly, I have a long way to go on that one.

    Thanks again for letting me post the pictures of your babies on the site. I am sure they are lovely....just please keep them at your house. Thank you :D

    Believe it or not blogger friends....but a very long time ago, I held a tarantula...lighter and softer than it looks. But it still creeped me out.

    Honestly, I rather have them crawling on me than those big brown wolf spiders that were in the desert where I used to live...they move too fast for something that small. Creepy.

    And yes, I have also been driving in the desert when they were migrating....the ground moved. The ground moved...because it was covered with spiders!! It was one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen.



  7. I think Rosie's kinda cute! I can't quite tell from the pic if she's a Chilean Rose tarantula, but if so it's a perfect name for her! And good on you for at least holding one, even if briefly and a long time ago. I think they're fascinating, even if I don't want them around me anytime soon, haha!

  8. I've been reading your blog for some time and loving it alot. But seriously... I have to scrow down fast when you post one of your spiders stuff! Aracnophobia in the highest level take me out of control just to the sight of any photo! And of course, my screen froze exactly over this tarantula photo while I was crazily trying to get rid of it, lol! Arght. I would never have one as a pet, not even in my worst nightmares.

    Kisses from Nydia.

  9. It might help if you think of them as REALLY well-made props...

    My first husband adopted a red-kneed tarantula (Elvis) from a neighbor because---she freaked out because she found it in her laundry basket after its third successful escape from its cage! He was only allowed one escape from his cage at our place before I sent him to live with someone else.

  10. What?!???!

    They can escape?!??!?



  11. ROTFL! Don't worry about it. When they escape, they almost always hang out under your bed. It makes them REALLY easy to find. (JOKING!)

    Mike, Rosie is indeed a Chilean Rose tarantula. In the right light, his (her?) back looks like it was gilded with rose gold. In some ways this is a problem. I'm going for scary - not purdy - pics.

  12. Under the bed?!

    Great, like that thought won't give me, not at all! :D



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