Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The problem usually

starts with us thinking we are being clever.

So next up in the "prop hospital" is the Eternal Flame. This is one of my favorite new props from last year...it just kinda fell together perfectly.

But it did not fall apart perfectly....in fact, it kinda broke apart in all kinds of ways.

This one is really our fault, the design is good, the way it comes apart for storage it great, but putting it together and taking it apart was not as well thought out.

As you can see from the picture, it has a dowel and PVC pipe set up to put the pieces in place. Problem last year is that the dowels were really tight in in the PVC and it was hard to get it together.....took four of us 20 minutes, that is as long as it takes to set up the whole Mausoleum.

And it took about as long to take apart.....or should I say break apart.

The already tight dowel/PVS set up was made worse by our constant companion in the Northwest: rain (I mean constant...it was raining this morning, it is July.) Although it did not get wet directly, the moisture in the air made the dowels swell and getting her apart nearly impossible.

So in the "hospital" we sanded down the dowels for a looser fit and numbered everything so that we know what piece goes where. This year we are looking for 2 minute set up time. :)


  1. Where in tarnation do y'all store all of these? From poking around your different blogs and websites, I've gathered you have a good sized garage/workshop. But, space is not limitless (not here on earth, anyway). And you have lots of good sized props. I foresee myself running out of storage room, soon. Do you have any hints for storage?

  2. this is all soooo cool. and it makes me think i better get started on my halloween stuff soon!

  3. beautiful piece! Hope the redesign works well for you.

  4. "The problem usually starts with us thinking we are being clever. . ."

    Uh-huh. Story of my life.

    Good luck with your improved set up time. And I feel your pain regarding the almost constant rain. The joy of coastal living :)


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