Monday, July 12, 2010

Okay so I might

be a little obsessed with the awesomeness that is the Bloodshed Brothers. So the next installment of my obsession is with this video.

I present to you: Matt and Wes Vs The Zombie Apocalypse.

It is all kinds of fun - check it out.....and when they are famous and they invite you to their movie premier....just remember where you saw them first! :D

BTW guys you are a bad influence on us....husband and I were watching your video blog saying "Damn, we gotta do something cool like that!" Like we need another project! :D


  1. Stopping in to say hi! Like any of us need another project. But then there these people who inspire us ...then we do another project. Blame them!!! LOL


  2. thanks so much for re posting the video. you guys are seriously awesome! i sent the your blog link to everyone who was involved in the shoot. we miss you guys!

  3. Cool video!
    I'll be keeping my eyes out for these guys.


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