Friday, August 20, 2010

Playing tonight at the

Davis Graveyard Drive In. We call it that, even though you don't actually sit in your car....but you do have to drive to the house. :)  FG logic is quite silly.

We set up  a projector on the patio and pull down the screen and show movies.  Usually bad movies.  But there is drinking involved and it usually turns into more of a Mystery Science Theater 3000 thing anyway.

Tonight the double feature consist of:

Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter (cause FQ loves her Hammer films, yes she does!) Horst's costume is awesome! :D

And the second feature was going to be Lair of the White Worm....but husband says it is too weird :( 
So we are going for something more mainstream like

Thirteen Ghosts (remake) - which I dislike (yeah, I can hear you gasping in disbelief from here) but it does get better after a few martinis :)   I do like the guy getting cut in half with the glass door.  Nice!

I might try to convince everyone to watch Buckaroo Banzai instead...."laugh while you can monkey boy"  Oh yeah, I do love that movie.

I am tracking down a copy of RoboGeisha for the next installment.  Cause I love Machine Girl....something about over the top blood and gore in Asian horror films that I just love.


  1. go team BANZAI... i am too a blue blazer... something, something...

  2. All films worthy of the Macabre Drive-In Theater! :)

    Still miffed they never made a sequel or two to Buckaroo Banzai.

  3. I wish I was closer. I would crash your drive-in party!

  4. I always loved Buckaroo Banzi! how about the original version of "House on haunted hill" that movie rocked!!!


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