Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I secertly love

The Peanuts - so I was very happy to find these Halloween items up at my local Hallmark!!!  (if you look closely you can see Woodstock in a devil costume! Want!)

Granted they were buried in the back of the store....and the Christmas decorations were out front.

Does someone at the store need a calendar :D


  1. I bet you believe in the Great Pumpkin!

  2. These are awesome!!

    Maybe the Great Pumpkin will bring you some of these toys if you've been a good girl! :)

  3. A few comments here... first, WHY 'secretly'? I openly declare my love for all things Schulz! :-)
    Second, what is the 'It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown' item on the upper left shelf? CD score? DVD in new packaging? Drink coasters?
    Third, I'm with the Spooky Vegan -- may the Great Pumpkin bestow a bedeviled Woodstock upon thee this year!

    Great find.

  4. I love the Charlie Brown stuff. I just wish i had more room.

  5. Woodstock is the bomb. I would sell my brother to get that little Devil. His wife might not like it...but whatever.

  6. I love "The Peanuts" too. But I'm referring to the pair of twins who sang the Mothra song.
    I think you're referring to "Peanuts". I have Woodstock in a Devil costume and others in guise that I pull out every Halloween to teach my students about Oct. 31st.

  7. I think all the stores need a freakin' calendar already! Time is ticking and they are not getting Halloween out fast enough for me. And when that happens...they start bumping it out the door with Christmas stuff far too soon. And don't we ALL believe in the Great Pumpkin here?! :o)

  8. LOL! You guys are the best!

    Well of course I know that Santa is not real, but of course there is a Great Pumpkin....everyone knows that!


  9. The Great Pumpkin will appear this year!! My kids look for him every year =).
    My youngest gets called Linus by my hubby all the time, but I prefer my sweet baboo

  10. What a great find! How many did you buy, you don't say in your post. I'm assuming you DID buy something.

    I stopped by the local Yankee Candle store here (no Hallmark store anywhere near but yes, we now have a YCS in The Back Of Beyond, England) and rattled their cage, asking when I'd be seeing the Autumn stuff.


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