Thursday, August 19, 2010

I should have checked

my voice mails before I opened the window in the music room.  I open one and then the other to notice looks like the holder for the screen is missing.

These screens cannot be more than 4 hours old.

So, I close that window thinking....maybe they missed a screen holder and proceed to open the rest of the windows.

I grab my phone and notice that I have several voice mails from husband.....hum, wonder what he wants, so I start listening and then I see him walk up to the door so I hang up.

He is all in a panic because he left me messages "NOT TO OPEN THE SCREENS!!!!"

He dashes to the windows and starts closing them.

Apparently Mason (the big cat) was leaning against one of them, it broke the holder and he tumbled out the window (I still go with my running start theroy).  About an hour after the screens were installed.

We cannot have anything nice at our house :D

We put industrial holders on the screens.  We are going to give them a test run today.  I am keeping my phone nearby so that husband can IM me when the cats escape.....I mean if the cats escape.

Back to prop building! :)


  1. I SO understand the "can't have anything nice" comment. Both screen doors are bent from both my idiot dog running into it at full speed without realizing it was there, and from both dogs and a visiting dog clawing and pawing at them. I have holes dug in the yard and the aging fence has scratch marks from the dogs jumping up on them BECAUSE THE KIDS NEXT DOOR STAND THERE AND TEASE THEM!Please, people, just crate your kids if you can't watch them.
    My mantra: "I love my dogs. I love my dogs..."
    At least the fish seems to be under control.

  2. That made me laugh because I hear that comment at least once a week from my our case it's the comforter on our bed...with two dogs and a cat the comforter doesn't stand a chance between the dog's nails, drool and fur...I wouldn't trade our pets for anything but geez...don't get me started on the occasional dog puke :)

  3. At least my sons aren't breaking the window screens...yet. Ugh.

  4. is only a matter of time :)


  5. Oh that's attractive. LOL!

  6. I feel your "can't have anything nice" pain. Our window screens are okay. But there aren't many spots left on the rugs without cat puke stains. :/

  7. Ohhhhh nooo.. Not the new screens! I had the same problem with mysterious holes appearing in my new sod, and mysterious sod appearing in my dog's nails..


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