Friday, August 6, 2010

I had to tell

the talking bust that he has done such a great job that I am giving him this October off.  Tried not to make it sound like he was being fired or anything. 

He has been a big part of the yard for 5 years now and I think he deserves to sit this one out.

What I did not tell him is that I am replacing him....okay, just this year, I am putting up in the place he used to go, this new video effect. (So let's keep this to ourselves, he can be a bit sensative.)

We are going to create a smaller monument, about 2/3 the size of our life size monuments like the angel, the mourner, Joan and the bowler. 

The new twist on this one is that she will also have a video effect. 

This new ghost statue will sing a Halloween song and say a few things from time to time.

So this weekend is busy.  A very talented singer/songwriter friend of ours is coming over tonight to set up our music room for recording (micing the piano) for our friend and her piano player that are coming over tomorrow morning to record the song for us.

We are then going to create this statue. 

You would think after years of making these statues that the problem we had last year with the statue being too short one of us would have thought to get out our anatomy books and take a look at human proportion.

Husband did, so this statue, you can't see it from the pictures, is actually proportional.  The first time I saw it I said - wow, we are going to have to redo all our statues, cause this is perfect.  It is funny how a little detail like that makes such a difference.
If you go back to this post, you can see up in the corner on those slips of paper some concept sketches, we will see how she turns out.

Watch for pictures on Monday.


  1. how exciting! I love your projection effects, and this sounds like quite a unique piece.

  2. I expect video up once you get that new statue working with the video FX Froggie!!


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