Friday, August 6, 2010

So all those blue

pieces of tape belonged to these latest creations.

We made a large mud monk with a light in his hood that will be holding a tray for our favorite 'haunt' called Wine:30. We built this is a piece for their doorway during October.....we have other plans in store for them for October, but I am going to save that for another post.

The second guy is just our usually mud monk type prop, we are cycling out two of the older mud monks that I call the "linemen" because they have very broad sholders and look like american football players :)

We are going to raffle or auction them off to charity this year.  One of them I think will go for the fund to build a neighborhood park, and the other......maybe the dance team.  Not sure. Gotta dig them out and clean them up.

So these two guys and a bunch of other props are on the painting list for this weekend.  So if you are not busy come on down and grab the paint sprayer :D


  1. OH, those things are awesome!
    Can you make me some?

  2. Do you sell these things somewhere because I would definately pay for an ounce of your creativity!

  3. My favorites as well, LOOOVE the monks FQ, they really do rank among your guys' best!

  4. These guys are super creepy! Awesome!

  5. Wow, those are equal parts creepy and beautiful. I'd love to have one at my door all year long, might scare off a few Jehovah Witnesses and sales people.

  6. These are fabulous!


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