Monday, August 30, 2010

I used to go to

Spirit store and our local party shop and pick up door prizes for the party.  Everyone seemed happy with their cheesy cheap plastic Halloween toy/prop.  But I would notice that every year, a prize or two would be left behind, the person was having too much fun and forgot to grab their winnings on the way out.  No worries, I recycled them back into the box for next year.

Then I stared blogging and found that many of you cool bloggers have Etsy shops.  I thought, why give my money to some retail store when I have spend it on cooler stuff and support artists.  At first I thought that this might be too much for our crowd.  After many years of feeding them cheap plastic stuff as prizes, how where they going to handle this new found sophistication.

I was worried they were going to look at the table and go.....WTF?  So I added a few cheap plastic things just to be sure :)

But you know what happened?  To my surprise not a single prize was left behind last year, and I heard that there was even some "fighting" going on at the prize table!!

So this year it is going to be primarily Etsy or handmade items as prizes.  So I have been hording items all of my latest purchases was from Ghoul Friday.  I only ordered two books last year, they went first, so I ordered keep the brawling to a minimum. :)

So, in honor of this post...I am keeping her Etsy link on the blog....go get yourself some stuff.


  1. I'll be adding new items to the shop this week! Got cleaned out at FanExpo/Festival of Fear this weekend, so I have to see what's left that could be sold.

    Thanks for the link and post :)

  2. What a great idea!!

    I'll have to try ordering prizes through Etsy for future Halloween parties!

    And I love Ghoul Friday's stuff! :)


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