Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We calll it cat TV

at the graveyard.  I am evil, I have bird feeders placed right outside the windows :)

The cats are still waiting for the Chicken Channel (one of husbands favorites of my old posts) to come back on the air.  That was their favorite.


  1. You're terrible! LOL!

  2. Ever thought about getting a hamster? Or a fish tank? Bet the cats would enjoy those "channels" too!

  3. Speaking of chickens, check this out:

    Just tell it to do something.

  4. Giggle. The cats sit and watch the birds on the powerlines to the house and chitter away. Cat tv indeed!

  5. Too Funny! :0)
    We, too, have a Kitty TV - actually two of them. One of the TV's always seems to have a better show than the other - even though they are both 'programmed' the same (same seed). And heaven forbid I let the subscription run out! (no seed) The TV 'junkies' definitely complain when that happens!

    And we even have an indoor aquatic TV that Mr. Gomez loves to lay on top of to watch the programming. Mr. Gomez even plugs in his Kitty Wii to the aquatic TV sometimes to get a good 'arm' workout.

  6. We get the squirrel and rabbit channel here.

  7. LOVE IT!! It must be entertaining to watch the can watch his TV.


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