Thursday, August 12, 2010

So how did this escape

me?  I had not idea that Mannheim Steamroller did Halloween music.

Looks like they have a "flashing teeth party pack" - Perfect for your Halloween rave.

Go figure.


  1. It must just be me, but I entirely loathe the man-hymen drumrollers...they make every holiday sound like a bad jewelry commercial!

  2. William - I could not agree more....I know some people will hate me for that. :)

  3. The funny thing is my artist friend Pennie Griff sent me this book & CD as a gift last year...I've not read it or listened to the CD yet...sCaReD literally! :-O)

    SpOOky CK >:-)

  4. I purchased this 2 years ago. It is a good kid type story, using traditional Halloween lore in a modern twist. (I guess that is how I would describe it) The music is typical MH. Though there are some good dark tunes every so often. If you can get it cheap on ebay, and I'm sure you can, it is worth looking at once.....


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