Thursday, August 19, 2010

You can never have too many

skulls that is why you need to learn to mold and cast them so that you can have all the skulls you want.  I have to admit when it comes to using skulls in the display I am very spoiled. He have about 5 molds of various sizes and this year we have created two new original designs to add to the mix (those cement ones I posted about.)

So when ever any of us need a skull for any purpose, we just pour one out of expanding foam and in 15 minutes, we are good to go.  If you only need part of a skull you can just fill the mold half way or you can just cut or sand off what you don't want.  They are just great to have around.  And the foam can be easily altered to so that you can create what ever face you need.  We love them.
So it was no surprise to us when we started our classes that this was the most popular class.  Unfortunately is was also the least attended.

Two reasons. Because of the dry time of the rubber and the mold, it takes two days to do.  Cost $150 - Approximately $100 was for materials, the starter kit from Smooth On $75, the skull, $10, clay $9 and disposable measuring cups and stir sticks and gloves and pvc pipe.  Lots of supplies. And then we charged $50 per person for the class $70 for a couple.  But that is for two full days of work. 
Granted it is a lot of wait time, but still, it does take up a whole weekend to teach the class.

Jeff took time in between drying coats to explain other molding techniques including pour molds.  He also explained how to cast out of other materials like plastic and the differences between the different pound weights of expanding foam. 

Lots of fun....but we are not getting rich doing this :D Everything we make goes back into prop building.

Here are pictures of the second day of the class as people are getting ready to pour their molds.
We had a great time and we hope they did too.  If we get enough response, we might do this again next year.


  1. Did you guys decide to do the video? I want to learn this muchly, but with the cost of shipping to Alaska it doesn't leave much room for trial and error.

  2. Dang, I wish I could attend one of your classes, that looks like a lot of fun.

  3. How many skulls, exactly, will you wind up with?

  4. Andrew - our molds last about 3-4 years. I bet we cast about 100 skulls from a mold.


  5. I wish I lived in your city. I would SOOOOOO take your classes. Nothing would give me more pleasure than doing yard haunt props. Any chances you guys wanna move to Texas??? :P

  6. 3 reasons we wouldn't want to move to Texas.

    1. It is too HOT in the summer
    2. We are vegetarian and Texans feed beef to their new born children.
    3. It is TEXAS

  7. Would you consider teaching this at a convention? I'd do it.


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