Monday, August 30, 2010

Hum....I knew something was missing

When I did the last post about refurbishing Beloved.  She was leaning on a paint can and not on her base.

Here she is finished and ready to go back up stairs (out of the way) for a few weeks.

So the oldest prop in the yard still lives.  What is the 10th anniversary gift? :D

Wait a minute......

You know what? I just noticed in this picture.....her left arm is too long, the one is, isn't it? 

It also looks like she has been working her left arm bicep when we are not looking.

Crap! (*&$@!!!

I am going to have to cut the arm at the shoulder and move it in towards her body.....oh that is going to be loads of fun.

It takes me 10 years to notice that.  I need to be fired from prop making :)


  1. You absolutely do not need to be fires. She's lovely.

  2. I've gotta ask the question you have heard a thousand times...where do you store it all?
    It's a georgous prop but obviously huge!

  3. She looks absolutely perfect to me!

  4. Love it!
    You sure are busy this time of year, aren't you?

  5. Place a large bunch of old wilted roses or candles at the center of the "long" arm and it won't look so obvious. Save chopping it 'til next year and move on to something else.

  6. Oh no you don't! Her arm is the real sleave of the nightgown. Cutting it down would look worse.

    I say live with it!

  7. Crap! Husband is reading my blog again....not that it matters, I just have to start censoring my evil plans! :D


  8. The only one who is going to notice it "Is You".

    Looks amazing!!!!

  9. My evil plan is to convince my husband that I need to move to where you live and apply for a job on YOUR crew. Dream job. Yes, Sireee......stunning prop!


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