Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I have never been

a girly girl.  We all know that I really dislike pink and fluffy, ruffly stuff.  But I do like kitties.  That is about as soft and fuzzy as I get.

So husband jumped at the chance to get a photo of me, as he puts it "playing with dolls".

Fair enough, these dolls happen to be small skeletons.  And I was not tarting them up (working on my UK references) up in skimpy clothes and driving her around in a pink car like Barbie.  Although, them, like Barbie look like they could use a sandwich.

So, for a couple years now I have been plotting small statues like the ones I create in full scale for the yard.  But I never did anything.

And now, not to in anyway insult the artist I am about to mention, cause his work is amazing and mine is not...but William Bezeks dolls just gave me the umph I needed to get off my ass, get out in the shop and make one of these things, finally. (Thanks sir!  See people, this is why I blog...you never know where you will find yourself.)

So this weekend while I was making the ghost costume, I thought I would use the scrap fabric to finally make two versions of my idea.

Let us start with the first one....and my least favorite.

This is a Tiny Tim skeleton (about 12 inches tall) cloaked in fabric.  Kinda looks like Joesph, and to and ex-catholic that is scary in its own way....but anyway.  The fabric is too much for that small frame.

I am still debating whether to paint it and see if I can make it better, or rip off the fabric and use cheese cloth instead.  I am leaning towards the latter.

The second is a Mr. Thrifty, so he is about 30 inches tall with more definition, so the fabric works much better for his size.  On this skeleton the head naturally leaned to the right so I just had his hand wired up close to his face - seemed the natural thing to do.

Actually I like him, so far.

I don't think any of you realize what a big step that is for me to say.  I usually have one or many issues with any prop I make.

I can see that I have to do some work on the skull, but I like the pose.  I am thinking that I will put a frog in his hand.

Off to paint him!


  1. Joseph looks like he wandered away from a spooky nativity scene somewhere!

  2. Cheesecloth would be perfect and maybe his little skeleton hand sticking out. Then he would be the perfect desk/cubicle decoration for work! :)

    As for the bigger one, I think I need one with a tombstone that says "No Soliciting" for my front porch!

  3. Thanks for the mention! I like all of these...well done! Wouldn't they look cool in niches around your Catholic Luminary, like little dead saints?

  4. Thanks guys! Dawn, I will so make you one for your desk. Since I cannot have one at my work....I want to support anyone that can display something like this at their desk :)

    William - thanks more than you know. :) That saints idea is inspired!

  5. I like these little guys. They aren't really dolls though.

  6. As always...these are so fab! They look great! All my Barbies are Witches...ha! Except for the one my daughter made me which is Barbie meets the Headless Horseman. Her head is off her torso and she is holding it in her hand, up in the air, with bloody gauze wrapped around the neck part...ha! Hooray for spooky dolls! :o)

  7. I would soooo buy a whole skeleton nativity scene. I am actually getting really excited about that thought. Can't wait to see more!

  8. The little one does have a definite resemblance to Joseph. That could lead you in a whole other direction :)

  9. I like them both. Has always, your work amazes me and inspires me.

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  11. Those would be an improvement on Barbie. You're a genius!


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