Saturday, August 21, 2010

I had so much fun

doing interviews for both Carl at I Like Horror Movies and Max at The Drunken Severed Head blogs last year that I got the idea to do this on my blog.

Kinda meet the haunt bloggers kinda thing.....but like all Frog Queen follies they take a while to actually materialize.  I can tell you that me and the blogger we are feature on the first edition have been talking about doing this for about......oh, well,  less than a year.  How is that.  That is actually good for me.

We have been talking about a book for five I am getting better :)

Anyway, here at the Frog Queen realm we are going to feature interviews with some of our favorite Halloween/Haunt/Horror bloggers.  The first post will be this Sunday.

So, guess who we are going to feature first?  Guess?


  1. hmm...The Great Pumpkin?
    I don't know how he could have a blog, though, being a gourd...unless Linus types it for him...

  2. Man, that's a hard question....unless it's a trick question!

    But it probably isn't.


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