Thursday, August 19, 2010

She looks really tired

so I was thinking of letting her go to that prop graveyard (or someone else's yard.)  I was ready to retire Beloved*,  this year will mark her 10th year in the yard.  She is now officially the oldest prop that I still display.  She has had multiple paint finishes since she is the prop that we learned to mud with. 

We learned the valuable lesson that yes, although close out paint is fine for making mud, make sure it is a color that you don't  mind having in the yard.  She was made with red paint, so the mud was a lovely shade of pink.  And we all know how I love pink :D

But every time I mention that I want to get rid of her she sends a message out to the universe and all of a sudden I get comments through email or someone visiting the yard that tell me how much they love that prop.  {sigh}  So I guess she stays.

That being the case, she was is in very sorry shape.  I had to dismantle her dress and remud it and remove her from the base.  They have been mostly detached for years.

We painted her completely more pink!   I mean everywhere.

I look over at two of my friends that are painting her as she yells over to me "See how much I love you"

She is holding her up and the other Jeff is spraying the underside of her body.....and my friends arms.  The frog queen is very loved. :)

The scary thing about her is that when we turned her over for paint the base....I saw that we had used the walls of our very first crypt to make the base.  I have to take pictures of was ugly.  

So she has a new coat of paint and is ready to entertain.  She needs to be detailed, but she is good to go.

Even if someday she is removed from the front yard....I think I am going to keep her.  She and I have been through a lot together. 

*Just want to clarify that I did not create the original of this prop.  I believe the original was made by 'Webby' in Salt Lake City who now owns a haunt called Asylum 49 The Haunted Hospital.  Very cool haunt and a very nice and creative lady.


  1. I am happy she will be staying with us...I have a huge soft spot for her even if she did drench me in rain water at tear down last year!

  2. I'm not sure how I missed this post but wow she's amazing!

  3. Ohh, you MUST keep using her! I think all haunters admire Webby's "Alice the Mourner" and yours looks just as good. You have the storage space for this that most people just don't have, so it is still a rather rare prop, and a very memorable one.
    Dang, I really want one more than ever, after writing that!


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