Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So the IT department

fixes my computer (thanks husband) so I can post again and what is the first thing I it one of the cool props we worked on over the weekend....picture of our latest cool skull creation?

No, it is an LOLcat.  Cause I am predictable that way.....

Good basement the spiders.

Funny, Hal's (Halloween cat) favorite toy for years now has been a big stuffed spider.

I hate when he bats that thing into my lap.....he is definitely a minion of the basement cat, don't let that tuxedo get up fool you :)


  1. Any cat that can get a spider that big is brilliant!

  2. I luf basemunt kitteh. I b one of his minions fur shur.

  3. That pic is frightening on multiple levels....

  4. Haha, that's awesome!!

    So, I enjoy reading your blog so much that I've given you a blogger award:

    Keep up the spooky work! :)

  5. My cat actually eats real spiders, which is why I love her so and give her fancy cat treats.


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