Friday, August 27, 2010

Definately feeling the love on my list of cool gifts I have been getting I need to mention this wonderful box of goodies from Mr. Macabre.  If you have not checked out his blog, you need to go right now....don't worry I will wait. :D  He makes some amazing props and has a great sense of type of person.

So let's see what he sent me....chips and popcorn and mints and cool candle jar and tea....oh my!

He sent it just because!

My favorite part of this whole bag of loot (and that was hard to do cause there is a lot to love) is the frog soap!!  Awesome.  Almost don't want to use it it is so cool, but it smells fantastic and really looking forward to trying it out.

Thanks Mr. Macabre, you are the best!!


  1. Okay, I gotta know what "Voodoo Gumbo" potato chips taste like...please report.

  2. Awwwwww shucks, twern't nothin'!

    I could make myself sick off the Voodoo Gumbo chips, they're so good...a marriage of barbecue and vinegar and salt flavors.
    Trust me on this, they're addictive!

  3. yeah, I want to hear more about the voodoo gumbo chips...they sound really,really good!!!


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