Saturday, August 28, 2010

I really am giving

it away as a birthday present.

I got a friend of mine one of the cool cloaked pumpkin figures over at Pumpkin Hollow Etsy shoppe.

No, I am not keeping for myself, really?  Why does no one trust me? :)

As usual, the cats enjoyed the box.  Dorie especially liked the three plastic spiders in the box.  (sorry the pictures are so blurry, tripod was not set up and I had the camera set for other pictures and did not have time to set it back.)

Sometimes I have this funny feeling that you are putting spiders in my shipments on purpose. :)


  1. Good thing you've got the cats to protect you from those plastic spiders!

  2. That's one creepy pressie! You really need to see someone about this obsession with spiders. *mwah*

  3. That pumpkin is super cool, we need a 10' one at the Graveyard this year Queenie!


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