Saturday, August 7, 2010

I would like to thank

all the bloggers that gave me this award over the last few days.  You guys all rock, love reading your blogs too.  I really enjoy this diverse landscape of Halloween/horror related blogs out all offer huge support and inspiration.  I very much enjoy visiting your blogs and seeing the world from your eyes one post at a time.  Truly, the honor is mine.

So, just a moment to say thanks to these bloggers for awarding me the latest award

Like usually, there are rules....and like I always do, I am going to break them. 

10 things about about shocking one.

Believe it or not boys and girls....I used to decorate my house for Christmas too.  I know none of you will believe this without pictures....there are none, you are just going to have to trust me.  This weekend I am going to put the last bag of Christmas lights on Craig's more holiday lights at the graveyard.  Halloween has finally won 100% of the storage space....I know, you all saw that coming.

Pass this along to 10 people......I usually skip this step, but since I have gotten a lot of new followers lately...and I love you all.  I thought this might be a good opportunity to introduce you to some of my long time followers.  So, in no particular order and likely more than ten, but as any of my long term followers now....I can't count :)

Boo Spooky - we loves her, lots!

Orange and Black - makes me laugh often, stop by and wish her well on this years pumpkin crop!

Mr. Macabre - all around great haunter cool guy

The Captain's Ramblings - I am not putting him on the list just because I got moss last year....he is a great blogger

Creepy Cupcakes - Carrie is just amazing, great mix of stuff on her blog, I hate when she is gone for long stretches....makes me sad.

Ghoul Friday - Canada has some of the most creative and cool people, I might have to move. :)

PumpkinBrain - another super neighbor up north, the inspiration that stared SpiderFEST 2010

Grim Hollow - just amazing work, always an inspiration

Nikolas Manor -Love Jaybo and Dixie (even though she likes bright colors) Love them lots and lots too! :D

ShellHawk's Nest - one of the first blogs I ever followed.  Love this talented lady - where does she find the time!

Designs by CK - Chris creates fun art that I just LOVE and just a super nice blogger!

Haunt Jaunts - Great blog about all places spooky and scary.  One of my favorites.

I Like Horror Movies - Carl is just a treasure to the blog world.  You cannot say anything bad about him....I will not tolerate it.

Freddy in Space - Likewise Johnny is just a great blogger.  Love following his adventures

Drunken Severed Head - Like I said before - his sense of humor "suits me down to the ground"

Enter the Man Cave - been following his blog for a long time, always stop and check it out when I see a new post from him

Who Wants Taters? - Andrew cracks me up.  I wish I could tell stories the way he does

October Farm - If you are already hungry, don't visit her is torture...yummy mouth watering torture :)

When is evil cool? - Tells the most interesting stories

I know that some of these great bloggers already have received this award from other bloggers....just wanted to take a moment to mention them again...that is how great they are!

I hate doing this because I know that there are those of you out there that I did not put on the list.  I love you too....I will think of something to make it up to you.

Okay everyone, back to prop building and horror movie watching...and baking or whatever makes you happy!!


  1. A fitting award for one of the most active and friendly Haunters on the web, well deserved Ms. Froggie! Thanks for passing along the love as well, I treasure all of you guys online and always appreciate the support =D

  2. Congratulattions! You definately deserve this.

  3. Congrats on the award! I would have liked to have seen Xmas pics. I can't imagine you decorating for it - unless it was a skele-Christmas!

  4. Congrats (and thanks!) I'll take all the good pumpkin wishes I can get!

    And thanks for pointing me toward a few blogs I haven't seen before. :)

  5. Congrats and thanks for the award. Now I really need to start thinking about my spider prop :-)

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. Congratulations Chris and thank you so much. Was this an early hint about moss for this year? ;p I may have to turn the award B&W to put it on my blog, it's a little to Betty Crocker looking for my liking.

  7. Holy cow do I owe you an apology! I just now saw this!!!! I went to check my blog's dashboard and saw you'd linked to me and WOW was I surprised to see why!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! How fun this will be to accept and pass on. SHAZAM! XOs to you Miss Frog Queen!!!!


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