Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another of my brilliant

friends is Marc Acito. If I know you personally, like I see you on a regular basis, in your possession you likely have signed copies of both his books. Whether you wanted them or not. :)

So, if I have met you recently, and you don't have any of his books, don't worry, your name is probably a list of books I need to have him sign. You will get them as a holiday gift. Sorry to spoil the surprise.

I know you are probably asking your self...."Frog Queen, there are only 99 days until Halloween, we have things to do, get to the point!"

Oh, yeah... take a moment and go to his blog, The Gospel According to Marc. He is friends with the fantastic Storm Large who just finished a very successful run of her musical(ish) Crazy Enough. They made a video from one of the songs from that performance - and he is in it. You really need to check it out.

Warning if you are reading at work - put those headphone on!

BTW - When the three guys in the front row start turning around and singing, he is the cutie on the left.

Now get back to making Halloween!!!!


  1. I was so not expecting that video! ha ha

  2. Popping in to say hello & wish you a wonderful weekend!

    Chris :-)


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